Our facility is conveniently located on the NorthEast side of Ocala, FL and all our coaches are certified CrossFit Coaches who are committed to reaching your excellence.

During the week CrossFit Living leads group classes during these times. The group classes are lead by our certified CrossFit trainers who put together a workout everyday. We start by taking the group through a total body warm up and is followed by an explanation and demonstration of the skills asked to be performed in the upcoming “WOD”, which stands for “Workout of the Day”. The trainer will make sure everyone is comfortable with all of the skills asked to be performed that day before moving on to the WOD. Once the group is confident in the exercises, the WOD will begin.

What is a WOD?

WOD’s typically last anywhere between 10-45 minutes and consist of varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. All workouts are scaled to individual fitness levels. This allows for anyone to complete the WOD regardless of age, weight or size. You can chart your progress easily since the WOD is generally scored by time.

Here’s an example of some of the exercises you may be asked to perform:

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Gymnastics: pull ups, air squats, push ups, sit ups, dips, box jumps, rope climbs, muscle ups, or any other body weight movement you can think of.

Cardiovascular Training: running, rowing, bear crawling, etc.

Keep in mind everything can be modified to your individual fitness level.

These short intense workouts are what make CrossFit so effective. CrossFit is known for its efficient use of time. At CrossFit Living, we incorporating different exercises together so you get your strength and cardio workout in the same day.

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